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1445 AH / 2024

Every year, Afghans Empowered welcomes the blessed month of Ramadan with an annual campaign to provide meals for the less fortunate. This year join us as we provide nourishment for Muslims breaking their fast in Southern Greece.

Praying In Mosque

The Meaning of Iftar

A message from our Executive Director

Growing up in a Muslim household, I'll never forget the excitement that the arrival of maghreb or sunset brought into my family's home. The calming peace of silent, intimate worship coupled with whisperings of Quran recitations during the day was replaced by the bustling sounds and smells coming from the kitchen right before sunset. In our home, our kitchen and more specifically our dining table was where we gathered to share our stories and our love for one another. Iftar has always been an essential part of celebrating the blessings brought during Ramadan. It has been a time of shared faith, traditions, love, and belonging as my family would gather around in their seats to give thanks for the blessings of life and nourishment.  Ramadan teaches us the values of worship, abstaining from over consumption, reflecting on our faith, and performing deeds of good to help those less fortunate. Though enjoyed through the home cooked meals made with love and mindfulness of the principles of Ramadan, Iftar is more than just a time to break one's fast. This year, I hope you can join us to spread the joy of Ramadan to those in need.

Image by Julie Ricard

In Southern Greece, thousands of Muslim refugees will be unable to celebrate Ramadan like they once did.

As a displaced Muslim, being far away from home means separation from the comforts of family and community. We believe no Muslim should be without ample food to break their fast this Ramadan. That's why we're providing home-style Iftar dinners in Athens for refugees living in communities across Southern Greece.

In Athens, Greece and surrounding areas, hundreds of Muslim refugees are living in shelters and camps, or on the streets. These Muslims and their families are unable to provide and prepare food for their families, and especially face this hardship during the month of Ramadan when they don't have enough nutrition after a long day of fasting. 

With the help of our local partners in Athens, we're on a mission to provide the nourishment and comforts of a home cooked meal that many families haven't enjoyed in a while. Cooking with traditional Afghan style recipes, these Iftar meals will provide a semblance of home for Muslim refugees coming from all different cultures and traditions.

Support Our Daily Iftar Campaigns

Make a difference today.

Make your Sadaqah, and donation today. Every dollar directly supports the purchase of groceries and cooking materials needed to cook Halal Iftar dinners. Every Iftar will include: rice, Halal meat, veggies, fruits, bread, dates, and beverages. A single donation of $200USD can support one Iftar dinner for over a 150 fasting Muslims.


Your donation and support matters. Help us reach our goal by sharing our LaunchGood campaign link. Share our work with your family, friends, and local community so that we may reach our goal this year.

Our Previous Work

Alhamdulillah, with the help of our supporters, we celebrated Ramadan 2023/ 1444AH with a campaign to provide daily Iftar dinners to Muslim refugees in Malakasa camp, a refugee camp just 50 minutes north of Athens, Greece. Our campaign was successful Subhanallah. We provided over 6,000 meals to Muslim refugees and their families in the camp. We knew we couldn't just help for one Ramadan only. That's why we're determined to help more refugees in need this Ramadan. 

Malakasa Camp, Iftar Campaign 2023

To see more photos and videos, visit our Instagram page @afghansempowered

Our Campaign Partners

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