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     Welcome to Afghans Empowered, a community organization connecting Afghans from around the world, and showcasing their hearts and minds, through talent and hard work, to inspire the generations of Afghans from the homeland and abroad, to pursue their passions in education, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and volunteership in diverse communities. 

     Afghans Empowered is a community-based organization that seeks to empower the future generations of Afghans worldwide. We want to connect Afghans around the world with resources available in their local communities, and provide outreach for assistance, as well as representation. We provide information for non profit and international government platforms for aid and support, for those facing humanitarian crises, as well as support for underrepresented minority populations of Afghan nationals outside the motherland. 

     Representation matters.  Whether you are a child of immigrants, an expatriate, citizen, or national, you deserve to have a voice and a space that recognizes your individuality and connects you with equally and positively like-minded individuals whose heritage and family background has become the foundations for their strive to success.

     As we gather together on a platform that connects us from far and near, we do so in respect to the millions of innocent and every-day Afghans who fight hard to survive amidst the turmoil of the social and political institutions of Afghanistan. We also gather to learn about the unique individuals currently living in Afghanistan who have played a substantial role in the social, economic, and political development in Afghanistan, sharing their fight for self determination, and self expression in a society that needs to heal from its wounds.

      Afghans Empowered is dedicated to providing the networks available for those in need, while featuring fellow Afghans who deserve notoriety for their research, community impact, and success, in order to inspire our communities to become empowered and feel enabled by their cultural and ethnic identities. 


"When the path ignites the soul, there's no remaining in place. The foot touches ground, but not for long."

- Sanai

Our Mission

Connect Afghans worldwide through the power of representation; provide resources for Afghans to share the true values of their identities by sharing their journeys, successes, and aspirations. 

Our Vision

Provide a space for representation and awareness of social issues surrounding our communities, and create partnerships with organizations that align with our vision to empower Afghans through dialogue and outreach.

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Our Mission
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