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Launching Our Podcast

Afghans Empowered is excited to present the Afghans Empowered Podcast. This platform is an integral part of our mission to connect communities from around the globe. My sister and I made sure that we wouldn't forgo our vision for empowerment, awareness, and representation, through the utilization of the podcast platform. Here we are now, launching our first podcast episode onto Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, and our website, as a brief introduction to the incredible collaborations and projects yet to come.

Through our podcast, you can learn about distinguished individuals and non profit organizations that serve communities from around the world, to address social issues and provide solutions in order to promote the welfare of their communities. Want to learn where and how to get involved? We'll cover that! Need some family and community resources? You got it! Ever felt curious about whats being done to improve the issues that affect our communities worldwide, including Afghanistan? Well then stay tuned and listen to our guests as they discuss some of the most impactful work being conducted worldwide to protect and promote the human rights of those facing crisis.

We are excited beyond words, and are ready to promote the voices of our communities. Join us as we launch our podcast, and subscribe through our website and platforms through the title "Afghans Empowered Podcast". Email us at if you are a community leader or non profit organization member interested in being featured on our podcast. Help us promote visibility, discuss critical issues, and provide resources for our followers.

Help us empower others.

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