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Earth Day 2020

Every year, the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Though large events won't be held in public this year to honor Earth Day through awareness and activism, it's become important, now more than ever, to address climate change and human impact this Earth Day 2020.

In part of our commitment to provide resources and awareness for current events in Afghanistan, Afghans Empowered is dedicating the next few days to climate awareness in Afghanistan.

Climate change is real. Confounded in the myriad of research conducted by the international community of renowned scientists and experts, the data has provided us with the bleak facts that our human impact on planet Earth has set us up for environmental disaster. Currently, countries such as Afghanistan, are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Amidst the decades of conflict and political instability, Afghanistan faces a greater enemy and danger to its people, one that needs to be addressed immediately by communities, bodies of government, and international organizations.

Join us as we welcome community discussion, data, research, and information to help our members understand the impacts of climate change in Afghanistan. We believe awareness is the first step to activism. Knowledge is pertinent in our abilities to address the problems of today. Help us empower communities worldwide to encourage dialogue amongst themselves to expand awareness, and encourage activism by holding our governments and private companies accountable for their complacency in the global environmental crisis. Help us celebrate in the efforts and measures currently being taken to mitigate environmental impacts in Afghanistan, and make donations to non profit organizations who are working in the front lines of our fight to turn back the clock on climate change.

Afghans Empowered invites you, this Earth Day 2020, to make a change.

Afghans Empowered invites you to contribute to our upcoming climate awareness blogs. If you are an individual or organization interested in contributing content for awareness and non profit organization resources, please contact us at

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