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Current Campaigns

Daikundi Winter Relief Campaign via Aseel App

Daikundi (also spelled Daykundi) is a rural province located in central Afghanistan and is mostly comprised of the Hazara ethnic group. The people of Daikundi rely heavily on their farm crops and irrigated land. However, this becomes a problem when rainfall seldom occurs. Add to the mix local markets that are a long distance from the agrarian Daikundi and brutal winters, and what occurs is many households having little to no food. In addition, many in Daikundi struggle to heat their homes this winter since transportation costs are expensive and the Taliban have imposed high taxes on coal, as mentioned in a recent video by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. Much aid has not yet reached Daikundi and they are in dire need of it this winter. Please consider donating so that we may help the people of Daikundi.

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Fundraiser: Support Greek and English Education

In partnership with Generation Outside Afghanistan, and the Afghan M&R Community Center, we are raising funds to increase enrollment capacity for our growing number of students who’ve registered. The community center provides vital education for newly arrived Afghan migrants, and supports their asylum journey through legal representation, education, and advocacy. Greece’s bureaucracy and asylum system is very difficult to navigate for migrants who do not possess language skills for English or Greek. The community center provides each and every student with the tools necessary to advocate for their asylum rights by providing language classes, and social/legal services. 


Migrant Shelter for Afghans in Athens, Greece

Join Generation Outside Afghanistan and Afghans Empowered  for our appeal to provide safe refuge for Afghan migrants in Greece. Our shelter will provide privacy, security, and comfort, to Afghans seeking a better life in Greece. Your Zakat will provide peace and safety for our fellow brothers and sisters. For just 200 Euros, you can support the rent and accommodation for a one month stay for one Afghan refugee. In addition to providing shelter, Generation Outside Afghanistan will welcome residents of the shelter to access services that include legal assistance, psychology services, digital literacy, and English/Greek language through the Community Center in Athens, Greece.

"Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing."



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"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

-Ryunosuke Satoro

Community Resources


Immigration Relief for Afghan Nationals

Presented by Afghan Diaspora for Equality and Progress

Through the help of volunteers, ADEP has compiled a non exhaustive list of pathways for migration for Afghans seeking entry to the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. The situation is evolving and the pathways are limited. ADEP does not make any representations or guarantees about any of the information provided.  


Pro-Bono Immigration Lawyers and Legal Teams for Afghans

Presented by Afghans Empowered

Immigration Lawyers and Associates Who Can Help: Providing Pro-Bono (FREE) Services to, and on behalf of, Afghan nationals, and their families. If you are a lawyer providing FREE services for immigration, please submit your information here. 


Ways to Help Afghan Refugees

Presented by Afghan Diaspora Hub

Afg Diaspora Hub has researched the latest news in organized protests in your area, tools on how to reach your local representatives, ways to raise awareness effectively on social media, and most importantly, a list of vetted organizations to donate to. Their team has researched organizations that are assisting with this crisis to ensure your donations are dealt with responsibility and reaching the most vulnerable in Afghanistan. They are working on volunteer basis to verify information, and vet organizations to help you make informed decisions.

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